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Ok. Big thnk for help.

One question about:

Sep 28 23:47:35 itex kernel: [3459756.058461] php-cgi[10723]: segfault at 350a4520 ip b7258785 sp bfd59cd8 error 4 in[b71e5000+153000]
Sep 28 23:47:42 itex kernel: [3459763.275734] php-cgi[10779]: segfault at 39000ca0 ip b71c4785 sp bfc71448 error 4 in[b7151000+153000]
One web page on hosting have problem. When I want to open one category in this page have 500 Error.

And in messages.log i see new line with php-cgi: segfault.
May it is damage? may be it is need to reinstall it?

Thnk you.
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