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Thnk you Falko.
I saw this tread.
But I have 2 questions:

How can I solve this problem:

Sep 28 23:47:35 itex kernel: [3459756.058461] php-cgi[10723]: segfault at 350a4520 ip b7258785 sp bfd59cd8 error 4 in[b71e5000+153000]
Sep 28 23:47:42 itex kernel: [3459763.275734] php-cgi[10779]: segfault at 39000ca0 ip b71c4785 sp bfc71448 error 4 in[b7151000+153000]
Why fdisk -l show:

Disk /dev/md1 doesn't contain a valid partition table
And about broken drive in log files bad sectors is in sdb drive - as I understand it is my second drive, but how I can directly find it in hardware level?

Thnk you!
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