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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Problem is that Mandriva has lost importance. It's hardly being used on servers nowadays. Therefore it doesn't make sense for us to invest the extra time to support it.
Dunno, it seems to be making a comeback with MES5 and Pulse2 being out. Hence why its being used for my current project, MES5 is very well put together, especially the 5.2 update.

The reason I'm using it for this one of my own servers is because I'm going to be performing a server changeover from Windows Server 2k3 to MES 5.2 for a Doctors office in the near future and I need experience with it before I do so. And I use ISPConfig on all of my servers. So like I said, any help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately my finances aren't in good enough state that I can afford a donation right now, otherwise I'd offer a decent donation in exchange for the support.
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