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Default Master / Slave Server After The Fact


Here is what I would like to do "after the fact". (After a great install and upgrade). I have two servers - separate units. The first server and second server are identical (except that the first server's mail system doesn't work). This is what I would like to do with server number two.

I have upgraded the php, mysql, mysql-server, and phpMyAdmin on both servers which has made a dramatic difference in the way they operate. (Mostly the mysql and mysql-server). The big picture, server one is hosting about 50 websites and doesn't break a sweat. The second server again is identical except for disk space. It is raid 5 (4 x 500 gb) , where the first server is raid 5 (6 x 80). My original thinking was that the smaller server's space would be gone in no time. WRONG! So, what I do know is that server two is going to have too many requests on one IP, so...

I plan to add one public IP to server one today, but I would like to take server two and create a slave server three with server two (since it has so much disk space). The purpose is that the slave server will only be mail relay (mail server).

The set-up is not like the Manual's 5 Debian server system. It is Fedora 14, where the server is the server for everything...mail, dns, etc. I don't mind having a slave server that can fully function as a complete webserver even though it won't, I just don't want to tear down a system that works so well. With respect to the ISPConfig control panel, I will be the only one accessing the slave server anyway (The new mail server).

So, bottom line, can I add this slave server after the fact? It seems as if I could, but I am not sure what all files to change. I would also like to allocate a specific amount of disk space for the third (slave) server.

Thanks in advance
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