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Default Fresh Centos 5.6 install...How-to for Xen PV?

I'm not sure about how what to do when partitioning the drive during setup. This physical server will serve as a Solusvm slave, Xen PV which in the Solusvm docs say...

Installing a SolusVM Master:
"SolusVM requires the following specification:
CentOS 5+ based linux operating system
At least one external IP address
OpenVZ - Ensure you have the correct partition requirements
Xen - Ensure you have the correct partition requirements"

And on the Xen requirements page:
"/ 80GB + (NOTE: XEN HVM iso's will be stored here)
LVM rest of drive (this must be an '''EMPTY''' logical volume group (VG))
SWAP (4GB max)"

I have no clue how to make that LVM happen as described.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!
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