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Originally Posted by till
I guess your mysql user that you specified during ISPConfig setup has not the permission to create databases.
well .. that is root .. and i can delete already created ones out of ISPC but not create any anymore..

via phpmyadm (root as well ) it is possible to create them ..

so its not the mysqld-part ..

there should also be an error in the ispconfig.log - but there isnt :-(


i delete the DBs "web11_db1 web11_db2" and created "web13_db1 web14_db1 and web15_db1" .. after a few hours ( not after 5 mins or so) i could see "some" of the new databases in the Filesystem and on phpmyadmin, but not all .. :-/ ,while in IDPConfig they all show up :-)

.. and one of those databases even shows up as web14?db1 (on fs and phpmyadmin ) -> "?" instead of "_" in ispconfig its name ist ok (with "_" )

but even after removing this badnamed db , creating dbs out of ispconfig is still not possible

thats wagg :-)


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