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Default solved it !


Thanks Falko it put me onto a solution though I am not sure it is supposed to be done this way at least it works and everything is up and running.

I basically have had to create a separate name server for each domain zone and then set that as the name server with a glue record for each domain back at Crazy domains.

e.g. I have added into that domain zone on ISPConfig as an A record and as the primary name server, and then set it again as a glue record at crazy domains, and I have done this the same for each site I have on ISPconfig.

I dont think this is how it is supposed to be set up but its working, I am still convinced something is wrong in the bind chroot DNS setup somewhere on my server but hell, if it works I dont much care

thanks for the input. hopefully that will be it now and I can finally get some sleep.

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