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Originally Posted by eddie-prefere View Post
1.) I am wondering if it takes more than a minute for ISP config to write modifications - there were times I made modiications in ISPConfig and then rebooted the server after only a minute or two - could this have caused problems?
If the shut down was executed the moment the ISPConfig backend process ran, the backend process might have been cut in the middle, so yes, this could have caused problems. Please check if the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/temp/.ispconfig_lock exists - if so, either there is a backend process running currently, or it is a remainder from an interrupted backend process. If it is till there after a few seconds, it probably is a remainder, and you can delete it. The next time the backend process runs, it should catch up on everything.

Originally Posted by eddie-prefere View Post
2.) Does it matter whether I creat a dns zone file first and then a website for a domain - or vice-versa? Is order important her?
No. It's only important when you register a domain - the zone should exist before you register a domain because otherwise you will get a warning from the registry.
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