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Default DNS issues on ISPConfig 3 on VPS

Hi All

just built ISPConfig 3 on Centos 5.6 - i386 on a VPS server. All running fine except seeing problems with DNS. Its a bit complicated to explain but so far it goes like this...

the hostname is the public ip address of my vps is

I am hosting x3 sites on it , I own the domain names registered at Crazy Domains:

I have added DNS zones into ISPConfig 3 for all the above and I am setting with an A record : on each site within ISPConfig 3. As the first name server and Crazy Domains relevant name server as the second NS.

I have added the glue record as ip into Crazy domains for the site is working fine on the internet
the other two are not

even if I ping from a shell into my VPS I cannot ping those sites.
and nslookup suggests the DNS is actually using the VPS hosts Name servers

any suggestion
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