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Originally Posted by till View Post
Take a look into the ssl directory of the website where you created the signed certificate. There you find a key and a crt file. Kopy the content of the key file into the ispconfig key file, the content of the crt file into the ispconfig crt file. Then create a new file for the bundle certificate in the ispconfig ssl directory and insert the bundle certificate(s) there.
Then add a line a line like:

SSLCACertificateFile /path/to/my/bundle/certificate

into the ispconfig vhost file as ispconfig as no support for bundles builtin and then restart apache.
Yes I copy the text from my website SSL directory and paste it to ISPConfig SSL directory. This is the exact step I did.

My website SSL directory

ISPconfig SSL directory. Noted that cert from is pasted to
After that I restart apache and SSL appears to be working across all browsers. I guess bundle certificate is not needed for ispconfig SSL directory :/

Appreciate your help Xaver and Till Hope it helps anyone.
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