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Default Centos con Ispconfig 3

Hello again, i now installed ispconfig 3 on centos, and all works fine :-P.

But i have only two questions, my server have only one ip assigned for my isp, is not dchp, is fixed IP. When i create a website, i need to assign a ip?? i mean if i create 3 websites they need it 3 ip fixed??, i have only one server, so if i need others ips, i have to ask to my isp anothers ips for this websites???
Just i remember that i can join to my site typing the ip address on my browser, but is the same ip server, and when i change the ip site i cant join on my site typing a new ip address site.

If i am right, and my isp have to give me thats ips, i need to create thats ips on edit ip server, on module of services in my ispconfig, for can assign thats ips in this new websites?

A second question is for the DNS zones. If i have only one server and when i create a DNS Zones, how i create that NS1 and NS2 to assign on my domain web?? i was create thats zones on my website, but my domain web said: NameServer is not a valid Nameserver. So how i create thats dns zones??

Can any help me to create DNS Zones, and clarify about ips addresses.

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