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Lightbulb ISPConfig Alias Email Domain Not rejecting bad users

I'm sorry if this is not in the right category:

In ISPConfig, Postfix is mishandling Alias Email Domain messages when user portion of email address is misspelled.


Alias Email Domain: A-domain -> B-domain

User: userA (mailbox in B-domain).

Send a message to userA@B-domain (gets to userA@B-domain)
Send a message to userA@A-domain (gets to userA@B-domain)
Send a message to userB@B-domain (gets rejected)

Send a message to userB@A-domain (creates userB in the B-domain folder, but should be rejected because userB doesn't exist @B-domain. Over time I have tons of Maildir folders with mistyped users@alias-domains that have to be cleaned up..

Will continue to find possible mail drop issues that might be breaking in the mail user verify through alias domains..

Thank you

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