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Default Thanks Till - any response to the ilportant questions re ISPConfig3, please?

Hello Till,

Just wanted to let you know that i really did buy the manual
( - Date: 2011-09-21)

and either i've done somehing wrong;, or ISPConfig is buggy.

1.) I am wondering if it takes more than a minute for ISP config to write modifications - there were times I made modiications in ISPConfig and then rebooted the server after only a minute or two - could this have caused problems?

2.) Does it matter whether I creat a dns zone file first and then a website for a domain - or vice-versa? Is order important her?

3.) Is it a known problem that fast_CGI - the default - will not allow squirrelmail with postfix and courier to work properly?

4.) Is it a known problem that once a dns zone and website have been setup that a change in the type of PHP will cause errors when trying to login to squirrelmail - an inability to login ? And, if so, is there a fix?


I've got to get this thing right and i've been at it 3 days of 12 hoiurs and can't find another pos with the exact same problem.

Would you recommend removing squirrelmail and the re-installing it? Could I do this without touching postfix or courier?



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