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Default Error Example - buggy ISPConfig3?

For example, "" and "" are setup EXACTLY the same way in ISPCongif - down to the least detail in DNS Zones, and Web Domains - yet when trying to access webmail - one gives a login screen which does not work and has the above-mentioned error, while the other does not give a login screen and a security pop-up box pops up and tries to download a file called "webmail"?

Lastly, I re-read Till's response, above in this thread, and perhaps did not comprehend what he states about choosing * or an IP for each Web Domain. I am hosting many many sites on this server, so without talking about ssl - which I know requires a dedicates Ip for each site, I want to use one IP for a hundred or more sites - Till says to choose the *, or if no other website is using an Ip an IP address, then says it is safer to choose an IP? I don't understand - I don't think this is very important, but I am trying to eliminate errors and set up the server properly - is it better to use the *, IP1 (which is being used for and or IP2, which is being used for, OR try to balance the web domains and give half to each IP? I would appreciate a recommendation on this - or a clear statement that it doesn't matter at all.


How can this be possible?


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