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Default Thanks - different problem now

Thanks for your response Till.

This server is an IBM and maybe that explains why it has eth0:67 instead of eth0:1 for the second ip address I added as regards the network card. The second IP ends in 67. If this doesn't seem right, please let me know.

Now that I have made the changes to change the server hostname to, I receive the ISPConfig3 index.php landing page for all the sites, and I obtain the Squirrelmail login. Now I get the following error message when attempting all squirrrelmail logins - even newly created ones, even when I deleted email accounts and mailboxes and recreated, and with domains having both fast cgi and mod_php:

Error opening ../config/default_pref
Could not create initial preference file!
/var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ should be writable by user www-data
Please contact your system administrator and report this error.

I tried chmod ing the acl for the folder /var/squirrelmail/data/ and the .perf files inside it to allow group read, write and execute, but that did not help.

Is it supposed to work with fast_cgi or only with mod_php ? - I read about the mod_php fix in a different thread, but that was for a virtualized instance.

What would you suggest to allow login to squirrelmail?

Thanks again.

Also, I re-read the pages in the manual you listed, and nowhere in there does it explain why one would want to have ns1 rather than ns2 be the listed nameserver for any given website.
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