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Default Problem with Squirrelmail

Thanks for your response Mark.

Youll be glad to know that I bought the ISPConfig 3 Manual!

I installed the squeeze for amd_64 with courier and ispconfig3

I added the symbolic links to use "webmail" as shown in the guide.

I have followed the instructions very carefully, and now cannot access any squirrelmail or webmail - a security pop-up box appears and tells me that it is downloading a file called "webmail".

when I "" the server's main domain,, and two add-on domains, and, I get no errors.

I have a feeling that I am still missing something in the DNS zone area. Would you tell me if the following looks like a good setup, please?

I set to IP1 and to IP2 - GLUE is good.

My server is called "" and has IP1

1.) Did I make a fatal mistake by using the domain as the server hostname (instead of something like ?

2.) I added IP2 to the servers' IP address list in ISPConfig3. IP1 was already there. Was this the right thing to do? The manual doesn't cover when or why one would do this. (I also added 2 DNS servers that the server provider let me use as local resolvers for he server, IP3 and IP4. I veriied that all 4 IP's are in the /etc/resolv.conf file along with

3.) Is it recommended to use IP1, IP2 or * when adding web sites in ISPConfig3. The difference between these is not dealt with in the manual.

All websites are resolving, but I cannot get webmail on individual sites, only at the ip1:8080/squirrelmail URL.

I appreciate your help,

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