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Default Initial config with new server, domain and 2 IP adresses

Thank you Falko and thank you for the tutorials on "perfect server with ..." They have helped me twice now, and I really appreciate it.

The one thing that I need more help understanding - which has always been a problem for me with your tutorials (both lenny and ispconfig2 and squeeze + ISPConfig 3) - and it's not adequately covered in the documentation or manual - is the very first step. So I will post a thread on this:

Basically, your guide to installing the perfect server doesn't address the following in terms many of us newbies can understand:

I order my first real dedicated server and I am given 2 IP addresses. I must use a domain, so I choose "". and that is assignedIP #1. I go to my registrar and create child nameservers and and give them IP #1 and IP #2 - OR is this already a mistake, since how can IP #1 work for BOTH and ? SO, do I have to create child namservers of and ? This is unclear and seems crucial. I have tried it BOTH ways and still cannot get a dig with to return anything for any domain. Also, I cannot get the webmail to work for my main domain,

I saw your guide about how to do this, but it says you need 2 servers. So, it is unclear to me if you mean 2 actual hardware servers or 2 virtual instances on a server - OR do you mean creating 2 servers - without virtualization - on 1 dedicated server? - ISPConfig3 doen't let me add another server.

So, I am hoping someone will help with this very first step - which I really want to get right.


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