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Originally Posted by CD_PlaYeR View Post
while fixing postfix on my Centos Server i thought about this,
did you remove dovecot that is installed when you install the OS?
if you haven't that's prolly the problem, you need to reinstall it with MYSQL support, here's the tuto so you can see ->

else did you got an error after setting quota?
i did exactly what the tuto has on it and i see something curious, when you run the command yum install dovecot dovecot-sieve, it install the dovecot correctly but dovecot-sieve wasn't.

Could this maybe a problem?

and the problem of the dovecot i removed it first and then install without trouble; something else i reviewed on the ispconfig control panel, was the services status and everything its just fine, but i can get into test account yet.

Could be dovecot-sieve not install, the principal problem for not login?
Or what else could it be?

thank you for all the help.
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