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Default Validation with JS of the <form>


i tested something at home.
-> it scroll back to first error or if you jump in and left it invalid
-> really easy to integrate e.g. attribute requried="requried" or maxlength="20" or type="email"
-> ajax validation like existing username is possible

colours not my fav, but its the same used in validation right now.

i used: 1.2.6. dev because for recheck if you disable fields with js has 1.2.5 an annoying bug.

If you test it in borwser like ff 6 use in form novalidate="novalidate", because else Browser use his html5 validation check. This js plugin works with old crappy browsers too.

Works with
Firefox 2.0+
Internet Explorer 6+
Safari 3+
Opera 9+
Chrome 1+

Translations/multilang are possible.

What you think about JS validation in ISPConfig3

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