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Lightbulb ISPConfig 3 system installation script

Since I'm deploying ISPConfig 3 installations on new servers on a frequent base, I got tired of installing the same system software over and over and doing the same settings over and over.

Then dclardy came with a install script. With no disrespect towards him i recreated an improved version from scratch.

The script uses whiptail and is almost unattended, the only thing you need to do is give some default required values, choose 'no' at dbconfig-common db configuration for phpmyadmin, and enter the common name when creating a ssl certificate for pure-ftpd (which i want to automate with a template in a future version). The "No" question is because of a bug in dbconfig-common. The bug prevents you to set the "No" option via debconf. The rest (up to installing ISPConfig 3 itself is completely unattended)

The script currently supports Debian only. (If someone can convert it to a different distribution for me, I'll be glad to merge it into the existing script)

I've tested this on a clean installation of Debian Squeeze 32bits.

Please test this script and give feedback in this thread.

The script can be downloaded here:

maybe add it to ISPConfig3 tarball when it's tested well enough?
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