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Default Weirder...

Mmm... This is getting weirder and weirder...

I checked the quota and here is what I got :

repquota -avu | grep web1

Période de sursis bloc : 7days ; période de sursis inode : 7days
                        Block limits                File limits
Utilisateur     utilisé souple stricte sursis utilisé souple stricte sursis
web1     --       0  512000  513024              0     0     0
I pasted the table header to make it more comprehensive...

Indeed, this morning, the quota was 500MB, I passed it to 1GB when I noticed it was "full". I ran several time :

quotaoff -avug
quotacheck -avugm
quotaon -avug
But this make no difference... Here are my questions :

1- Is it normal that quota here is 500MB while PureFtp shows 1GB ?
2- Is it normal that usage here is 0 while PureFtp shows 512MB ?
3- If usage really is 512MB, where could I find (and destroy) the (useless) files ? Because my website is only 63MB... I mean the user home dir is 63MB, how could it have written so much files outside of his home ? (this is a tiny website, not very popular...)

Thank you for your precious time Till, you do a really great job !

PS : I'll upgrade ASAP, unfortunately this is not so easy because I had to make some hacks... I don't think this problem is really related with ISP Config anyway, or is it ?

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