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Cool ispconfig3 and centos6 (64bits) troubles

After following the instructions on:
I have succesfully have a working system.

>> During the installation I got some errors and warnings, not sure if that was all very importent yet.
FTP, http and ssh all works nice, no other tests made so far yet.

The thing is, when I do “yum update” via SSH, I get this warning:
“1015 packages excluded due to repository priority protections” (That’s a lot !)

I have a server with proxmox, and I made a VM with Centos6 64bits and your nice software.
The thing is now: I want a stable VM (64bits with ispconfig3), I prefere centos.

The above error (and errors during the installation) make me insure to decide if this VM-server will be stable,
and ofcourse updates must always be possible.

So, can somebody advise:

1) Why I am getting these errors, and how can I solve them ?
2) Or must I reinstall a server using another kind of Linux version ?
Debian is preferred according the ipconfig3 site ?
(lastest with courier or dovecot, which one would be the best ?)

THanks in advance !
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