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I am also wondering what is currently being worked on or has been done.
You might want to look into the SVN and the bugtracker and todo list to see where the developers are working on and what is planned in ispconfig.

Is there a list of current modules/plugins?
Unpack the ispconfig tar.gz and take a look into the server/plugins-available and server/mods-available directories.

A module is a part of the ispconfig control panel, so does that mean the the plugins are essentially api modules used outside of the control panel.
No. Plugins contain the code in the server part that gets excuted when a specific event happens. E.g. when the event "web_insert" happens, then the apache2 plugin creates a new website.

I have personally been interested in creating a module for the remote API.
The remote api is available for all functions in all modules. A module is a part of ispconfig, so creating a module for the remote api does not make much sense in my opinion as the remote api is a api to control ispconfig from a external application. I guess there might be a misunderstanding on what modules are and what the remote API is for.

If you like to create a external application that uses the remote api to do something, then that is not a module. If you want to create a module that does something in ispconfig like managing virtual machines, then this never uses the remote api. Modules use the internal API from ispconfig like the tform framework. But a module might provide remote api functions to external applications.
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