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Default Plugins and Modules?

I think I am getting to a point in my schooling where I will be able to at least create a module for ISP Config. I am just wondering what the difference is?

A module is a part of the ispconfig control panel, so does that mean the the plugins are essentially api modules used outside of the control panel.

I am also wondering what is currently being worked on or has been done.

Is there a list of current modules/plugins?

I just don't want to start on something that is currently available/ being worked on.


I have personally been interested in creating a module for the remote API.

Example being registration.

I would have options for the api script to be able to do, and it would be changed where ever that script is used. This may be helpful for resellers under you.
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Please visit my Mini-howto, "How To Create Remote API Scripts For ISPConfig 3"

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