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Red face Default module for client?


May I know how can I set default module for client? I want to only allowed DNS, Help and Tools module for client. I try with System >> Edit user >> Module but I need to set default module for every client manually. So how can I set default module for client (not reseller) everytime I create a client?

Thank you

So upon further googling it turns out I could edit the default module in interface\lib\ but new problem arise. The Start module is now change to Client. When the client is first login they will see client menu inside client menu There's no option anywhere in to set client default Start module.

And some interesting thing I found is $conf['theme'] = 'default';
I change it the value to default_no_navimg but it does not work. Maybe theme and design is different or maybe this is a bug.

Any help about client Start Module setting is appreciated. Thank you.

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