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I managed to fix this on my own.

Here is the scoop.

I ran update.php and generated a new ssl certificate to allow the SSL code to go back into production.

The squirrelmail issue was a little more complex.

Remember my migration methodology. Well the passwords on all the users stopped working. The users were created in ISCPCONFIG 3.0 on a Centos 5.6 system. My migration methodology involved restoring the dbispconfig mysql database from a back up after the install.

Reset the password on the user and the IMAP drop problem goes away.

I am guessing the password encryption/decryption technology was updated or perhaps it was the fact I was running squirrelmail in insecure mode.

I was running it that way because the SSL certification messages from the browsers confused my wife and 12 year old, both of whom use accounts on the server.

I'd like to provide any information that can shed further light on this subject.

Ubuntu provides a stable major version upgrade process. RH does not, they recommend cold install and that is what I did. I'd like to help develop migration methodology.

I don't pay for this product and I don't expect fast support, but I think its a good product and would like to help as time permits.
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