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Originally Posted by osterhase View Post
As far as I'm concerned also managesieve (run as a daemon) utilizes *.sieve files (or am I wrong here?).
No you are right - previously when I tried the managesieve plugin for roundcube I had to install pidgeonhole and it was a headache because my libtool was broken - I gave it up in the end. Like yourself and others here I am really only interested in adding functionality to ISPConfig 3 without having to install everything but the kitchen sink

So all isp_sieverules does is to catch the script BEFORE it is actually written and pass it on to ISPConfig. The via the api-functions it is integrated. So it does not matter if its a daemon or whatever. You should have not problems actually.
Haven't gotten that far yet - I modified ISPConfig installer slightly to allow me to use Dovecot v2 out of the box (mainly just the SQL file to change the table "disabledeliver" to "disablelda" in dbispconfig and also changed all php references to "disabledeliver" in the installer to read as "disablelda".

Installer runs fine so far but I am still testing.
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