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Default Should I format and re-install ISPConfig 3


Everyone in this forum knows how much difficulty I've had with ISPConfig 3 (especially Till and Falko). I know at the end of everyday that it is user error, although it is nice to try and blame it on the program you're using. The fact is that I like ISPConfig and want to use it. Here is what I have done and need a suggestion on what to do. I purchased a 5 block of static public IP's which will be routed directly to each server. I have only one site live on server one and server two is just getting Fedora 14 x84_64 installed today. Should I just format the original server and start over with "The Perfect Server Instructions" for both? The first server is having so many problems (although they just seemed to happen out of the blue?). I would love to be able to just adjust the first server with the the new public static ip. I know this will involve changes to the databases, firewalls (no more port forwarding is involved) and other files, but I simply can't remember all of them.

Thanks for the suggestions and help!
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