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Default ISPCONFIG3 Centos5 php 5.3 pear problem

I am hosting a new website for a company, the website has been transferred to us from another hosting company. and uses pear for mail
We have ispconfig3 running on centos5 php 5.3 and typically use postfix for all other mail websites which works fine.
i have yum installed pear and it works from the cli, the website throws a 500 error when the page with the pear mail reference loads, if i copy the pear mail folder to the website pagem, the page loads and pear works, i have set the path .:/usr/share/pear etc in php.ini and have set the vhost path and recreated the website vhost and copied the files back, still no luck, im guessing its a pathing or rights issue, do i need to set an allow directive to the usr/share/pear folder somewhere? also i cant see any log files with any relevant errors in.

thanks for checking my thread.

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