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Default Mysql_auxoptions_field

Originally Posted by dar_ek View Post
I've update courier in my Debian Lenny to Squeeze package
Courier version AFTER update (WITH WORKING disableimap/pop option):

ii courier-authdaemon 0.63.0-3
ii courier-authlib 0.63.0-3
ii courier-authlib-mysql 0.61.0-1+lenny1
ii courier-authlib-userdb 0.63.0-3
ii courier-base 0.65.0-3
ii courier-imap 4.8.0-3
ii courier-imap-ssl 4.4.0-2
ii courier-maildrop 0.65.0-3
ii courier-pop 0.65.0-3
ii courier-pop-ssl 0.60.0-2
ii courier-ssl 0.60.0-2

Maybe previous version courier haven't got MYSQL_AUXOPTIONS_FIELD in /etc/courier/authmysqlrc? (or this param is damaged).

ps. funny is that I DONT upgrage "courier-authlib-mysql" - coz it want to upgrade mysql to squizze version (and I dont want this).
I finally figured out what the issue is after hammering my head against a wall. The issue is partly with ISPConfig and courier-authdaemon.
ISPConfig uses an ENUM field with 'n' and 'y' as the possible values. Courier-authdaemon (at least the 0.60 version) does not evaluate that to 0 and 1.
I have changed authmysqlrc as follows:

MYSQL_AUXOPTIONS_FIELD concat('disableimap=',if(disableimap='n','0','1'), ',disablepop3=',if(disablepop3='n','0','1'))

After restarting courier-authdaemon, everything works as expected. Please use this ONLY IF enabling / disabling does not work for you using the normal method.


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