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Default results, maddening to say the least

I went with ius on a new 32 bit centos 5.6 box.

I basically installed every php53u package available after ripping out php.

Squirrelmail worked like a champ, right out of the box.

Absolutely no results on my production 64 bit 5.6 box.

Squirrelmail will not work.

I'm at a loss to explain it.

It is my belief that the fact squirrelmail is already on the box is a contributing factor to the problem.

I can't very well rip all the squirrelmail mail data off the system, but I believe a workaround should be possible.

I need some ideas.

Bottom line ius php53u will work on a clean install with ISPCONFIG3. But retrofitting to an existing production system is still not working.


What about tarring up /var/lib/squirrelmail. Does that preserve the actual mail.

Perhaps ripping out sendmai /usr/share/squirrelmail /etc/squirrelmail /var/lib/squirrelmail then redoing the install would help.

Wondering if any of the log files in /var/log/httpd would be of any assistance.

Based on my i386 results I would say this problem can be solved. Just not by me alone.

I'm forgetting where the actual mail is stored in the Perfect Server Configuration. looks like all the mail is in /var/vmail/<domain name> Please confirm. A plan is afoot in my pea brain molecules

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