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Yes, you have it correct. One FTP is fine and the other is not. They are under the exact same account with the exact same steps taken to configure.

What I was referring to about the databases were two different items.

First, when you create a database in ISPConfig, and then log into phpMyAdmin, the database NAME is there, waiting for you to drop (or build) the tables. In ISPConfig's CP, it shows the new domain's database listed, named, etc., but logging into phpMyAdmin.....empty.

The other database issue is that when you add new sites using ISPConfig, the information that is shown in the Control Panel is also shown is ISPConfig's Database. Both site's information is staring me in the face in THIS database, yet the information is useless for the new site. ISPConfig created no file path for the new site, even though it did add the new web2 file.
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