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Well for my setup in particular, I need the control panel to manage shell accounts as well to include shell services. And one particular account may have multiple shell users attached to it, and they have their own stash of files in their own home directory and not allow the other shell users access to their files. My server setup in particular, and I'm sure there may be others, offers more than just web-hosting accounts. And the shell user accounts are not jailed so they have access to the development tools that are on the server.

I understand that offering non-jailed shell users is a security risk in some environments. Though the more I think about this, the more I"m thinking I should move my system to an ACL permission scheme for my setup. In doing that, perhaps have a multi-select box on the web-domain part specifying in the domain that also have write access to the website on the user level.

I'd like to incorporate my setup into the actual ISPConfig setup so I won't have to constantly take my patch in and out as versions increase. Perhaps offer it on a special server configuration security level?
-- RLB
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