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Default ftp problems please help

Hi guys,

I have ubuntu with ispconfig 3 installed. see beneath

domain1= is the main domain where the glue records are linked to

domain2= at the registrar pointed to ns1.domain1 + ns2.domain, made dns zone, made website, and finally (but not working) added ftp user.

now domain2 works, the webhosting also but I can't connect with ftp to domain2. it says
Fout: Authenticatie mislukt
Fout: Fatale fout
Fout: Kan niet verbinden met server

Translated in english: authantication failed, can't connect to server.

But when I connect to domain1 and move to /var/www/domain1/web/ it's ok but I can't give this to my customers.

???? What can I check ?
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