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Dear Barcelona guy

Originally Posted by neobcn View Post
i create user "pma" and "pass"
That is fine as long as you use a much better password than "pass"!

the rights i select all in the columm "data"
No, not necessary to select columns.

1. Create a user with NO rights at all, but password and host = localhost (not "%"!)

2. Grant that user SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE permissions only for the database "pma".

That should already resolve most of the problems.

3. Grant that user SELECT permissions for database "mysql".

import the script create_tables.sql
Very good, You've seen those tables have been created I assume.

i edit in : /etc/phpmyadmin/
Yes, but you see that with Debian, it points to another file:

if (is_readable('/etc/phpmyadmin/config-db.php')) {
and as I have Debian as wll, I saw that even the other file is empty. So I have no idea right now where phpMyAdmin sits. :-/ Maybe inside /var/local/ispconfig - but please dont tinker there.. might break things.

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