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Default ISPConfig + Roundcube sieverules-plugin = ISP_sieverules

Hi there!

When switching our servers to ISPConfig we had the problem that we already had a roundcube installations up & running and we wanted to keep the roundcube-plugin sieverules because it allows the user to edit his filter-settings from within the webmailer in a quite comfortable manner.

With the help of the sieverules-plugin-developer (roundcube-team) we wrote a plugin which utilizes the api-functions of ispconfig to establish the communication between roundcube and ISPConfig. Because it was quite a hard struggle we don't want that anybody else has to fight this again.

Basically from the repo-version of the sieverules-plugin for roundcube 0.6beta onwards a hook was implemented by John_Doe which is utilized by the plugin (we managed to get it also run with rouncube 0.5 stable). ISP-sieverules contacts to ispconfig via the api-interfaces and makes a mail_user update. The sieve-script is written into the custom-rules field in the ispconfig mail_user table and then implemented into the sieve-file.

Dovecot (with sieve plugin)
Roundcube 0.6beta (also possible with Roundcube 0.5 stable)
Sieverules-Plugin (current repo-version contains the hook)

- Download the plugin unzip and put in your roundcube-plugin directory (add the plugin in your main-config file)
- Create a remote user for ISPConfig in the Adminstration-Panel
- Recommended: Create a database-user for the ispdatabase which may only use the SELECT statement
- configure the plugin via the (contained in the zip-file)

Have fun!
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