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Default Unique Shell ID & Group Friendly Websites

I want to submit this to the subversion repo..

I find this very useful, I mostly have these set under the advanced menu that only admins can do but basically what it accomplishes is

a) Establishes a Unique ID for Shell Users separate from the main website

b) Establishes a Group friendly policy on the website. (so a shell users added in the group of the website can also edit files on the website.)

The configuration is very simple, I have a checkbox in the options section under the Websites for Group Friendly and a Checkbox for Unique ID under options for shell users. Using this configuration you can also control regular shel users in the ISPConfig that are not directly tied to the website.

Check with Till/Falko to make sure this is an okay mod to add, I want to refine it a little more before I commit or give a patch. But my end goal is simply better Shell User/Webdomain management, possibly even just attaching some shell users to the client itself.
-- RLB
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