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Lightbulb Some helpfull tips

I had the same problems installtion Suse 10 on my raid. But with Suse 10.1 there is a better way:

While installing, switch to the console an type:
dmraid -an
modprobe dm-mirror
dmraid -ay -i

now you can list your raid volumes:
ls /dev/mapper/

or you can edit the partitions on this raid:
fdisk /dev/mapper/<raiddevice>
for example:
fdisk /dev/mapper/nvidia_jhadcged

Next step: Use the yast partition manager and re-read the partition table. Now there is a new drive /dev/dm-3 or similar.
This drive can not be edited or re-partitioned. You have to do this before with fdisk.
Do NOT mount anything from your native drives (e.g. sda or sdb) because there are now "busy" and can't be used.

Next problem apears while installing the bootloader grub: It seems there is a bug resolving the drive name, so you must edit the parameters by hand. Instead /dev/sda use /dev/mapper/<your raid device>. Edit the device map and replace (hd0) with /dev/mapper/<your raid device>.
Edit menu.lst and replace (/dev/dm-,-1) with (dev/mapper/<your raid device>,<your linux partition number>). See grub manual for details.

After Installation you can't boot from this volume, because dm-mirror is not loaded and dmraid not active. So you must boot from CD and create your own initrd, see the first topic in this thread. After this everything should work fine.

Question to the others: mkinitrd seems to be changed, so the line numbers do not match. Anybody knows the best places??
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