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Default ISPConfig 3 Single server issues on POP3/IMAP/ MyDNS

Hi Falko/ Admins,

am a new guy to linux and wanted to use ISPConfig3 on my new centos 5.5 linux server. I had gone through the steps said in the following link

it all went well and only issue had is that the named dns failed to start and rest all even dovcot all started off.. and i installed ispconfig3 and as per the given details on the above pages. the dovecot failed as well and i had put the fix as per the information if it failed. But still then the same issue comes up. when i login to the cp and check it still says that the pop imap is offline and dns server is also offline. can you help me out. if i can get some step by step info on what is to be done, it would help me as i am nearing my deadline to launch the websites via this server.

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