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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Maybe you should open your database in phpMyAdmin and try to repair your tables. Maybe that fixes some problems.
Oops! maybe that was not such a good idea.

I checked all the tables and they appeared to be identical with the ones in the old system so I tried to import them again but phpmyadmin would not import the dump from the old system. It came back with "File could not be read". So I copied the whole directory and chowned and chmoded it allas I had had to do when I replaced the web site databases.

After entering name and password in ISPC it just returns to the login page with no error message. It must be reading the password as it gives a password error if I mispell the password. Client logins are the same.

When I originally set up the system phpmyadmin allowed DB import for the dpispconfig and web databases.

POP mail is arriving at ../Maildir/new. SMTP is running with StartTLS auth but still I can't download any mail as the SSL/TLS is failing

/var/log/mail gives

date time server dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts): rip=, lip-, secured
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