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Sorry for the delay. I've fixed it, and here is the explication of it

When I was trying to connect to mysql with the -h parameter set to
mysql -u ispconfig  -pHAHA -h
I was getting an error that I was not allowed to do so, but if I when I was setting the parameter -h to localhost everything was ok.

Then I tried modifying all the files that were connecting to mysql for postfix and had the value hostname set to to localhost but still no success.

After a while watching logs, searching on the interned I went to phpmyadmin and do some checking there and I noticed that ISPConfig's databases had the permissions set for user ispconfig on host localhost so what I did was to add the same use but with the host set to

That is weird, because and localhost by default should resolv the same thing. I don't know why was that happening but I have fixed the way I just told you.

Good luck if any1 else has this problem.
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