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1. Is the variable "domain_id" changeable or is it in any way dangerous use it twice in the same script? (btw in the example files it is domain__id - is this correct or should domain_id be used?)
The variable should be different, so domain__id with two __ is correct. But you can give the variable a different name like $mailuser_record or similar as well.

2. What's the thing with the client_id? The point being is that I only have the login-name (e-mailadress) of the user which is defined dynamically in the roundcube-sieve-plugin to gather the other informations needed (f.e. the mailuser_id). I'm not shure how to determine the client_id via a mysql-command. Therefore: Is the client_id necessary for the function because it does not seem to apear anywhere except in the client table?
Yes, the function is required. If you set a different client-id or no client_id, the mailuser will be moved to a new account.

you can get the client_id with the function client_get_id($session_id, $sys_userid) and the sys_userid is in your $params_old record.
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