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Thanks for your fast reply. Just to unterstand the concept:

API: Is basically meant to create an interface between (in this case) roundcube and ISPConfig. A php-script is wirtten that logs into ISPConfig as a remote-user which is equipped with certain rights (f.e. mail-user-edit) and makes certain changes defined in the scirpt. I think I'll try to go with the API-solution.

I had a look at the examples and I think that the soap-mail-user-update.php file is my one. Due to the fact, that I only want to update one field in the db-table I wanted to ask if this is possible via API.

Currently all fields in the array inserted:

$params = array(	'server_id' => 1,
				'email' => '',
				'password' => 'testen',
				'quota' => '10',
				'maildir' => '/var/vmail/',
				'homedir' => '/var/vmail',
				'uid' => '5000',
				'gid' => '5000',
				'postfix' => 'y',
				'disableimap' => 'n',
				'disablepop3' => 'n');
If this is not possible and the entire record is written completly new using the mail_user_update function it would be the best way to query the current entries from the db, save them as variables and then send them back to the params array, like:

$params = array(	'server_id' => 1,
				'email' => $email,
				'password' => $pass,
Am I correct here or completly of the track?


And: /tmp/ispconfig3_install/remoting_client/examples/soap-mailuser-update.php

A punch into any direction is appreciated (whereas "give up" does not count).
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