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Default Announce update for mailfilters

Hi there!

I'm still struggeling to implement the possibility for my roundcube users to edit their spamfilters via the webinterface using the according roundcube-plugin. My newest plan:

The filterrules are written into a file (roundcube.sieve) - the syntax of this file is fully understood by ispconfig due to the fact that it is a regular sieve syntax.

I managed to convince the roundcube-plugin to insert the content of the file into dbispconfig.mail_user.custom_mailfilter. But obviously it is not respected by the as an update and so it is not written into file and takes no effect.

Here is my question: How can I convince ispconfig do run an update for mail_filter_edit?

In a bigger frame: Is that generally possible?

I would - as always - appreciate any suggestions.
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