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Have created a phpinfo file to check for mod_rewrite, it does not appear in the php info.
mod_rewrite is a apache module and not a php modle, so it will not be displayed in phpinfo.

When I setup the site, with all configs as it should be, I only get a blank page. No errors or logging to anything (syslog, cakephp debug/error logs).
Check the error.log of the website, not the global error.log

The correct settings for a php based cms system are:

php mode: fastcgi
suexec: on

and make sure that you uploaded the files with the FTP user of that site, so that the files are owned by the corect user and group. If you instaled the files as root user then you will have to chown them to the web user and client group of that website.

Are there any "main" httpd.conf I need to edit with the mod_rewrite? or something like that?
Thats not needed. If you followed the tutorial, you enabled mod_rewrite already in step 14. You can test if mod_rewrite is enabled with:

a2enmod rewrite
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