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So here it goes:

Installed from:

Installed latest ISPconfig3.0.3.3

Have added a couple of domains, and when I give htaccess files to them, they will not rewrite as they should..

Have created a phpinfo file to check for mod_rewrite, it does not appear in the php info.

The thing is, I am going to setup 3 websites on my server, all using cakephp as framework.

When I setup the site, with all configs as it should be, I only get a blank page. No errors or logging to anything (syslog, cakephp debug/error logs).

I am wondering, how to get it going. Have tried regular PHP, suPHP and suexec for the website, but nothing changes.

Are there any "main" httpd.conf I need to edit with the mod_rewrite? or something like that?

Anyone with experience running Cakephp apps when using ispconfig, please lend me a hand.

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