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Yes a symlink worked for the web part. I was referring to something else (I will detail below).

I was unaware that that will screw up suexec (that is way I asked what else do I need to change to make everything work).

By default ISPConfig creates new ftp users to the /var/www/clients/etc. folder I would like to change that default value displayed in ISPConfig to /home/clients/etc. so I dont have to edit it every time I created a new user.

Can I make all these modifications and still have a valid working server or should I just remake the whole server and have my /var/ on a larger disk.

I wanted to have all the clients on a larger disk independent of the main disk. But now I'm not sure I can do that without messing up ISPConfig or some parts of it.

So I am asking for your advice on what will be the best practice for this. (I intend on using this to start a micro-hosting company, as I dont have the necessary funds to buy a corporate solution, besides I dont like corporate solutions, I find ISPConfig to be more elegant in many ways than other corporate solutions.)

I am at the beginning of this long journey and I am sure that there are alot of things I am doing wrong, but I can learn by asking seasoned experts like your self's that know exactly what should or shouldn't be done.

I want to thank you all for your replies and for your future assistance.

And sorry I posted my thread in the wrong section.

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