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Question What setup would you chose?

I am wondering, what setup for a VPS like mine would you chose?

My VPS has Centos 5.6 and Ubuntu 10.04 available (clean installs from serverpanel), and I have tried them both with ISPconfig (and others), just for testing. Have made up my mind to go for ISPconfig3 as my CP, but I am not sure yet what distro I prefer, or if there are any cons or pros I'm not aware of.

My VPS has 1 dedicated ip (not dynamic), assigned by dhcp (hwaddr) to eth0 (any extra ip addr assigned to system will be assigned the same way - according to my host/provider).
EDIT: and it will be hosting some websites - not to much traffic.

I am wondering what setup all you experienced ISPconfig users would prefer? Please let me know!

I am unsure what to go for (what has the best potential for low resources and stability).

Anyone who add their vote/comment, you have my thanks in advance


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