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Hi all,

I have now two questions and I try to answer to second one If this is no correct I apologize in advance

1. If I want to use Ispconfig and I registered the websites on Godaddy to redirect on my private home websever I need two ip-address?

2. I don't have two ip-address and I register the website on Godaddy I can't use Ispconfig?

If the answer at point 2 is yes then I can use Ispconfig to use a website registered on Godaddy with only an ip-address I have to simply follow these following steps:

a. Create a DNS RECORD from the back end of Ispconfig (I don't want to change DNS records)

Template: Default
Client: client1
IP Address: <IP-ADDRESS of the website. ping>
NS 1:
NS 2:

b. I modify my client PC's hosts file.

In my home webserver I have 3 host files


I decided to change /etc/resolv.conf (why? 'cause I red nameserver in it)

# Generated by NetworkManager

After I restart my home webserver when I write on the browser I have to see the website that I have on my webserver in the following directory:


I made the a. and b. changes but I can't see my folder website. I don't have any idea why this solution doen't work

I'm looking for another solution & bye,

pd. mybe when here talk about vhost file is this? /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

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