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Originally Posted by midcarolina View Post
I am using ISPConfig 3 on Fedora 14 x86_64 and there hasn't been anything showing problems in any mail logs, the "monitor" is all green light. I don't get it. Generally, I should be able to use on another mail server to get mail, like windows mail....doesn't work. Tried everything...Think I'm gonna scrap ISPConfig. It should serve as a stand alone DNS server, but it doesn't. You still need the domain registrar's DNS for it to even somewhat function. Not a real CP.
I don't know why you are using your domain registrar's DNS.
I've built my own nameservers in ISPConfig 3 with no problem at all.
Try that,
then from the outer world do the following
telnet YOURDOMAIN 25
please upload your /var/log/maillog
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